Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Funky Legs

Most of my kids clothes are from either Primark or H+M both of which I think do fab clothes for smalls that are very reasonably priced. However, I do also splash out on a couple of things each season and more often than not this splurge will be on leggings. Yes, I have 2 boys but why on earth should girls get all the funky clothes? There is limited years I will get away with this I know but for now Lenny asks to wear them most days be it his snake pair or his toucan print or the most recent favourite his pugs! Maurice of course looks just as cute just doesnt know it yet! Here is my pick of lovely leggings for all sexes.....

1. Foxes - Tobias and the Bear, £15  2. Bows and Arrows - Beau Loves, £31 3. Frenchies - Polarn o Pyret, £18 4. Pugs - Mini Rodini, £23 5. Brown bears - Tobias and the Bear, £15 6. Zebras - Mini Rodini, £23 7. Pandas - Tootsa Macginty, £19 8. Tigers - Kidsen, £28

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