Saturday, 13 December 2014

Father Christmas Preview

A few people have asked me what I think Lenny and Maurice will be getting from Father Christmas this year. Well, if today's behaviour is anything to go by then the answer is not a lot! However, I have been in touch with the North Pole and if they miraculously learn to share and stop snatching from one another then I think Father Christmas has these treats in store.....


1. Recorder 2. Melamine Cup 3. Chocolate Money - from Sainsburys 4. Felt Mouse Slippers 5. Johnny Morris Bedtime Stories 6. The Wind in the Willows 7. Lollipops 8. Puzzle - from TKmax 9. Lion Plate 10. Spiderman Electric Toothbrush and Punch and Judy Toothpaste - from Superdrug 11. Classic Jokes - whoopee cushion, snapping gum and fake dog poo 12. Colouring Pencils - from TKmax 13. Shadow Puppets


1. Chocoltae Money - from Sainsburys 2. The Tale of Jeremy Fisher 3. Mr Men Stories 4. Harmonica 5. Mouse Felt Slippers 6. Humzingers - from Waitrose or any health food shop 7. Brambly Hedge 8. Mustela Multi Sensory Bubble Bath 9. Tiger Plate 10. Train Puzzle 11. Lollipop Sponge - from Primark 12. Rainbow Blocks - from Sainsburys

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