Thursday, 19 March 2015


We have been in a crazy, beautiful, manic, surreal and magical bubble for the last few weeks. There have been an equal amount of tears to smiles and every emotion has seemed very extreme probably as we are living off minimal (VERY minimal) amounts of sleep! I had forgotten how OBSESSED with sleep, or the lack there of, you become with a newborn - it consumes you and apologies to my friends as I talk of precious little else - very dull indeed. I do feel however that we are beginning to re-engage with life and so I plan to pick up the blog again starting with the enormous backlog of snapshots I have - there are rather too many portraits which will probably be very boring to anyone other than us but they were hard to edit and I want to have them to look back on so just skip through! We have been hanging out at home a lot loving the new house and trying to shut our eyes to the 1,000,000 boxes we have stacked up around the place ready to unpack. I plan to do a before/ after post with pics but frankly the only rooms finished are the kitchen, dining room and playroom so I may well have to do it in drips and drabs over the next year or 5 as we work our way around the others. I am feeling very lucky though as it is a lovely space and really feels like a warm, happy home. We are also taking steps in the garden, digging the veggie patch and trying to clear the junk left from the build that is scattered over the lawn. We have a washing machine, bathroom suite and 3 enormous bags of sand on the front lawn and it looks like a tip (literally) but I guess we will get round to it eventually..... for now it's about survival with 3 under 3.5 and sleep..... did I mention sleep?!
me and my crew
I think we can safely say Hope hated her 1st bath


pin the maggot on the apple

me time

so close to smiling but for now an owl stare

bear bath


Maurice will not watch TV for more than 2 minutes so I am putting him in training - bad parenting?!

that face

mountains to climb

on a health kick ( well 80% of the time!) these are a winner with all - coconut energy balls

Daddy's girl 
costume for Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

run run run

birthday gathering for Wilf

my little red wren

Mum..... help......

finally registered her birth with 4 days to spare and chose her middle name - Hope Wren Haines


kung phu fighter

ah.... there is rather a lot of pictures of my kids watching TV?!

the morning light in the dining room is lovely

looking for lochness monster

blue eyes

what lunchtime looks like around here

shake shake


mothers days spoils
a Wassail for Wilf's birthday - you sing and play instruments in the apple orchard to scare away spirits and ensure a good cider harvest for the next year. 

mulled cider

my boys

pork and scratching

this is why I have a playpen for Hope - her own sanctuary!

checking if the rain has stopped


big bro




tired.... yep.... me too......

visiting Dad in his office......

scaring away those spirits

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