Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Fancies

Thought I would share some of my top 'love, want, need' finds over the last few weeks..... some I have, and some I am saving the pennies in the jar for but all fabulous.....
Clockwise from top:

The Handmade Doll Company - these unique dolls are adorable. They are all individually created with love and great skill. Hope has a mermaid which takes pride of place in her cot. Lucky girl. There are lots of designs and even some wonderful ones for boys! At last!

Mahabis slippers. You know that irritation when you are slopping around the house on a rainy day in your slippers but have to pop out to the car to get your phone meaning an annoying change into proper shoes - an irritation no more. These are very stylish slippers with removable rubber soles. Lots of cute colour combos too.

Mother sweatshirt. Well, what can I say? It is simply a must.

Soothed by Nature cream - I have suffered from eczema all my life. I have tried 100's of creams, ointments and oils. Some work, some don't, some soothe and some make it worse. This all natural blend of shea butter, almond oil and essential oils is magic. I promise. If you have eczema please invest it some it will not disappoint! Thank you Bec!

Persiana - I want to learn how to cooked more persian food. Out of my kitchen comfort zone but very much in my taste zone. Starting with this book.

All terrain pull along wagon. 3 children under 4 = too much gubbins. Our beach trips have become a military operation to manoevre everyone from the carpark to the sand to set up camp for the day. No sooner has the blanket gone down than someone yells "I have left my ****** in the car". It's maddening. This is my solution. I know people generally use them from pulling kids around festivals but with their all terrain wheels it will make the beach a breeze...... in theory..... The original retro ones are made by Radio Flyer but they are a little £££ so think I will go for a slightly cheaper version the Tuff Terrain.

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  1. Oh so lovely to read your post and see my cream included! Thank you so much for including it and I'm over the moon it's helping you!