Monday, 31 August 2015

Our 'camping' holiday.......

We had a plan. A cracking holiday plan. A beautiful week camping basking in sun, paddling in rivers, chomping barbeque food...... Well, like all good plans....... we were scuppered by the wonderful British weather. Torrential rains, hurricane winds, temperatures in single figures ensured we parked our perfect plan and re- thought. After a year of a complete house renovation and a new baby our pennies are left a little wanting so we settled on a 'stay-cation' I know, ghastly expression. A week of adventures from home that has been amazing. Really, the best holiday we have had in years. We had a rule to steadfastly avoid the well trodden entertainments of everyday life and set off each morning with a fresh new destination in mind which really made us feel like we were exporing a completely new place. Those with small children will relate to the frustration of going on 'holiday' and finding it such hard work - children just dont seem to understand that lying by a pool reading Ian McEwan and sipping a spritzer is really as good as it gets! This holiday gave the smalls their own beds, foods, toys etc allowing for a bit of ease in the usual routine but with fun filled days full of family time and treats. The zoo, a museum, lunches out, the beach, steam trains........ I am feeling lucky.

wild creatures

apple crumble creators 

some great taxidermy

the best burger I have ever had. Period. Thanks Bill's

cheetah beauty

all aboard

coco pops. Only for holidays.


cultured man

chief cupcake

what a lotta seaweed

pork with roasted root veg and a bottle of deep red wine. Must be Autumn!


deep conversation

Hey..... I am here Lenny.... play with me.......

some fine dining for mummy and daddy

my tribe


lots of frisby.

amazed at masks!

me and my beauty

veggie men 
apple glut
a rather nice spot to watch TV at Stawley Wood - available to rent for holidays contact Unique Home Stays



daddy's girl 

godmummy Livs

complementary colours

movie night

where's Ru?

lunch a deux

fat?! me?!

now thats a pool with a view! AMAZING house available to rent for up to 20 people - Stawley Wood details soon to be up on the Unique Home Stays website

the team

how much do you know about Samurai? (that's not from a Tom Cruise film)

some very bossy castle building


seaweed collection 

lunch with pals at the wonderful Stawley Wood - available as an outstanding holiday let - contact Unique Home Stays

if you squint......we could be in tuscany!

toot toot

loved the steam train ride

handsome x 2

watching an elephant poo 
weeding the pumpkin patch


wait..... I lost my armband!


the Great British summer

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