Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I know long time no see........ 4 months?! The bloggers cardinal sin. However, sometimes real life takes over and the cyber world takes a side step and I am happy with that. Life here has been go go go as always and time is hard to find - as the kids grow so does their energy and needs and I have also started working again part time which has been fantastic. As much as I love being at home with the brood, and I know how very lucky I am to have that choice, it has been a breath of fresh air to get some time in a different environment with my 'grown up' hat on! Like everything it is all about that holy grail we are forever searching for - balance.
the princess.


the anti wash

beach bum


you're it.

always muddy

crows feet. meugh.

culmstock beacon

it's ALL about Andy's Dinosaur Adventures here

the bunny came!



Godpops Nick

Dorset. Lovely.

I've always had a thing about birds of prey. Dorky it may be but they are magic. Magic I tell you. This is a Harris Hawk at Escot Park. Sadly not wild.....


I was going to less is more with Hope's 1st birthday cake. Maurice had different ideas.

slow down my last born.

This is definitely going to end in tears!

suddenly realised there is a lot of jumping in this set...

blue eyes


Mo chop


A slightly bewildered 1 year old! 

Siberian owl.

watch out Kandinsky


feeling very sorry for this badgered peacock.

Pop Tarts. A parenting low.


Maurice do you know what happened to Narcissus?!

Who's the Daddy?


Hope. Joy.

the tea's brewing Mo Bot why so glum?! 
Maurice making the most of Boheme. Voted no 1 party house to rent........ it's MEGA.


waiting for Summer.......


Montacute House

What happens to little boys who run off and cannot be found......



Hope's birthday. Was so proud of the team - they walked from the bottom right the way up to Culmstock Beacon with the promise of brownies at the top. This is NO mean feet (scuse the pun) for a 2 and 4 year old!



nappy wedgy. Again, this is at the amazing Boheme. Got a party to organise? Or large family holiday to book? The ideal location.

Godpops Will

Woops another cake shot......


  1. Amazing and beautiful pictures. It proves that you have professional skill in photography and a creative mind you have. Thanks for sharing.