Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Last/ this week has been full of trips and fun. Ru still at home and so the long (2 week) weekend continues! The animals at Bristol Zoo had the boys amazed - particularly watching the seals swimming under water - I thought the gorillas would have been the hit but you never can tell, you never can tell..... we also took advantage of the sun at the beach and made sand castles while Daddy surfed, had hot dogs on the barbie, went to friends for a wine fuelled lunch, had Sunday pizza, cooked pancakes..... wow, time for some soup, salad and mineral water! Rupert now has the boys in London to meet their new cousin so I have a 2 day date with my bed, book and chick flicks galore - cannot WAIT!!!
I see you......

watching seals

The Mint people watching


trout powt


where are you going cheeky chops?

possibly my favourite picture ever


learning his letters

pizza king


cook up

Ru had a bad hangover


Tv time with Rosie

lazy lions

oooo oooooo


a little greyer, a few more wrinkles but he's still got it




goats cheese and asparagus.... love.

show off

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