Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Life is back to normal. Well almost. Rupert has started his new job so is in London while he gets settled before he returns to working from home and in Plymouth so it's just me and the boys here. I'm knackered! This afternoon was all about a slug-out under a blanket watching Monsters University (it is amazing if you haven't seen it) We needed to recharge after spending our time painting, cooking, playing endless games of hide and seek and heading outside to bank some vitamin D on various walks, to Hestercombe and in the garden.

In other news the house sale and purchase are still going forward. However, a snail on ketamine would move faster. Fingers crossed we see some concrete advancement soon because the longer it takes the more time I am finding to fill my head with expanded and elaborate decoration schemes. Eeeeeek.




very good mark maker


climbing trees

paintings always end up brown

Standard solo supper when Ru not here, cheats chopsticks and all! I miss very little about living in a city but Dim Sum is a big one. We do not have any good asian takeaways for miles and miles and even the few we do have don't serve dim sum so thank goodness for Waitrose!


our bug hunt

crying with laughter

best bit about cakes

looking so like his Grandpa. Well, if you ignore the 90's Gallagher style hair!

Mo bot.

resident packhorse

I'm sorry I chewed all the clean washing.....

ultimate hiding place
So funny. Everytime we go out Lenny insists on taking his camera and snapping things - wonder where he has leant this?!

Bracket knows how to pose

Pound shop beauty - seems sad to let Lenny destroy it really!

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