Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun

Well, it's back to normality with a bump. The autumn winds are a howlin' and the dark nights approacheth..... ok, so it's not all that bad but it is not aperitifs at sunset looking over yonder at the hills of Siena.... sigh...... Here are a few snaps of the lovely week we spent in Tuscany with my sister Grace, her husband Alan and their beautiful daughter Maud. We are extremely lucky to have had this house in the family since Grace was born over 30 years ago (woops, hope you don't mind me revealing your age sis) Yes, we are super spoilt - thank you Mum and Dad.

chewing the fat over some tiramasu ice cream
down in one

those lizards cannot escape me now
blackberries galore

yet more food

what's your favourite flavour?

standard 11'z

bounding through the cyprus'

evening drinks


guess who?

A shop that sold anything to do with the crusades. It was, without doubt the SPOOKIEST place I have ever been in to - at every turn there was a knight looming while dark gothic music played. Hell. Lenny loved it and has started a knight collection. Brrrrrrr


the eternal wait for the lizard

there you are!

another frugal luncheon

Mo Bot

Quietly eating stones

New story - thanks Auntie Ellie

Artful petanque

Pool reflection

Make of it what you will..... not suitable for little eyes....?!

Hitching a lift

losing his trunks 
silly Daddy

Sizzling snapper...... and Alan.....

Aperol o'clock

on board a sting ray

sun downers

bathroom window

pink sky


water baby

wild flowers and Chianti

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