Thursday, 2 October 2014

Happy Birthday Lenny!

Wow. We are pooped. I know the blog has been a barren land of tumble weeds of late but we have been uprooted again and have moved out of our new house to a temporary rental for 4 months while it is knocked about and made all pretty. In theory this was going to be super easy as the rental is furnished and so we would just take 1 bag each and a box of toys but like all good plans..... turns out we need more day-to-day than I had planned! Anyway, we are in now and so let the builders loose! While this chaos unfolded Lenny turned 3 - I had thought he wouldn't really 'get' it but BOY was I wrong.... it was all "it is MY birthday tomorrow and I hope I get my pterodactyl and of course my lion cake....????!!!???!" YIKES.... STRAIGHT TO WAITROSE!! Thank you Betty Crocker you saved my bacon with your ready made icing and just-add-an-egg cake mix! As for a party I'm afraid we headed to the pub where the kids ran a muck in the garden laden with party bags and the mums and dads supped on some ales! All in all a great success!

Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful boy. You are truly the funniest little chap I have ever known and we all love you very much.
huge balloon

the eternal wait for packaging to be figured out

breakfast battle

birthday brekka for winners
a birthday just aint a birthday without helium

gawd bless you Betty Crocker 
make a wish

before the sugar rush

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  1. Omg, I love the cake�� x