Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Keeping the vision.....

A few people lately have ask me if I am going cold on the blog as posts have been slightly fewer and further between. This is very far from the case - I love doing the blog - it is my little project away from endless nappy changes, the tower of washing and the Lidl scrum! Time at the moment is very hard to find - between ferrying Lenny and Mo here there and everywhere, midwife appointments and usual household chores I am trying to fit in designing and project managing our house renovation. It is a game of juggling that is for sure but I am keeping a very firm eye on the end goal. By Spring next year we will be back at home (which will be completely finished), the boys will have started slightly more nursery and our new baby gal will be here - I am sure I will have my feet up drinking tea….. I know, but there is always hope!! To keep my vision very much alive I pour over blogs/ magazines/ catalogues in bed to grab ideas. This beautiful Parisian home of Caroline Gayral has my mouth watering - the perfect mix of modern and antique in a white and pastel colour scheme. Of course our furniture is mostly from Ikea and we currently have a palette of white, white and white with a touch of grey - I know, very practical for 3 kids under 3.5 - but who knows maybe I can up cycle?! I have attached a few pictures of the 'work in progress' - I hope you have your vision goggles on!!

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  1. Wow these look super pretty! I am so glad you posted them! I am in the process of renovating the house and i think i will use some of these