Sunday, 2 November 2014


Boy, what a couple of weeks. Action packed and bloomin' marvellous. It began with a trip to London to stay with godmother Anna. We visited The Science Museum which Mo Bot LOVED - all those lights and interactive games for toddlers I can highly recommend. We then hired a beautiful house in Dorset for a weeks holiday over half term with my extended family - it was such a treat. The Old Monastery that has been renovated to the highest spec with enough space to everyone to relax and find a spot for themselves set in the stunning coastal village of Burton Bradstock. It was lovely to spend some quality time with my family who all live far away from us so it is rare we get such a long time just hanging out - the cousins carved pumpkins, we ran on the beach, ate lobster, played games, watched Frozen (a few times!), watched fireworks, met a real life witch.... the list goes on..... The best bit though was the group decision to swap heading out to a restaurant for the evening (which meant baby sitters and driving) and instead hiring a chef to cook for us in the house. It was spectacular food - much better than any restaurant I have been to for a while so thank you so much Matt from Fish Face Events. As if this was not enough fun and frolics we have also been to a few birthday parties where we have filled our tums with jelly and cake, burnt marshmallows on bonfires, undertaken treasure hunts and broke teeth on toffee apples..... tomorrow life is back to normal - gruel and water if we are lucky.
Science Museum fun for my Mo Man

Lenny decidedly unsure about fireworks.... weird boy....
Autumn in Acton Park

sand leaping

not a bad place for a movie!

light tunnel


Mo Bot and Goosey on the 74 bus

exploring caves

Darth Vader counting his loot


ummmmm has anyone seen Maurice?


catherine wheel wonder

Harry Potter

giving his new chum Popcorn a snack

looking for cuttlefish bones

man, you get everywhere..... fast as lightening.....

Lenny's best thing about London? The bus!!

Lobsters at the great Hive Beach Cafe

its me!

riding Nellie


our NCT class for Lenny in 2011 celebrate 3 years 
someone needs a haircut!!

The Orangery at Mapperton Gardens - breathtaking, well worth a visit

Party Rings - LOVE

Daddy, can I have a pony?!

birthday presents for all - 3 years since that church hall and knitted boob!

does anyone actually make anything edible with their pumpkins?!

not sure this is that appropriate for the setting but hey ho

Darth powers 
more fire

wall mounted springs and neon lights.... who knew they were so fascinating?

sweet paper collage - any excuse.....

jolly pumpkin

treasure hunting

coolest spot for a movie

stirring a real life cauldron for a real life witch

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