Monday, 22 June 2015

Lunchbox Loveliness

I know I am not alone when I say I HATE making packed lunches. Is there anything less appealing that peeling open a can of tuna at 7am through slit eyes before realising you have run out of bread meaning either a trip to Waitrose to get a loaf of organic wholemeal or padding out the lunchbox with strictly forbidden Hula Hoops and Frubes. I bet you can guess which I choose.... However, I may loathe the shopping/ prep/ negotiations of the lunchbox but I love the kit. We have a whole cupbaord dedicated to snack pots, water bottles, melamine, bento boxes, lunch bags... you name it odds are we have it. So my kids may have a lunch of every additive, preservative and e number out there but it looks fabulous!!

1. Bobble Water Bottle - filters your water while you drink
2. The Wrapper - a reusuable plastic and material sandwich wrapper keeps your sarnie fresh as a daisy and nasty cling film. Just wipe clean and every now and then pop in the washing machine. Ours last about 1 year each! Brilliant.
3. Lunchbots - stylish metal bento box with various compartment configurations. Small but perfectky formed. I use this for my lunch and it's plenty big enough. Maybe a little wee for strapping lads.
4. Blafre lunchbox - perfect scandi retro design.
5. Wooden fork and spoon.
6. Kids Conserve Insulated Food Jar - allows you to give kids hot food in their lunchbox
7. Boon Snack Ball - sturdy snack pot that will keep crunchy foods from crushing
8. Yumbox - Lenny's favourite lunch. Bento filled with his 'picky' bits and pieces and no leaks!
9. Melamine Cup - designed by the great Helen Dardik

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