Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Professionals - Kate Newhouse, Doctor Care Anywhere

Having spent many hours in A+E with Maurice I know the value of having immediate medical help and reassurance. Doctor Care Anywhere offers just this without the, often unnecessary, rush to hospital. His problems luckily turned out to be nothing too serious. He had reoccurring bronchitis and respiratory issues that made it difficult to decide the best thing to do - it was very very scary. A+E was the only option open to us outside surgery times and sometimes in surgery times when we often struggled to get an appointment. Now Doctor Care Anywhere has come to the rescue.

Summer or Winter? Summer

Desert Island luxury? Not really doable on a Desert Island but piping hot baths and tea.

Ideal Friday night? Back in time to bath, have story-time and put the kids to bed then time to get changed while husband makes incredible supper for family and friends. Finishing the evening off with some silly dancing and singing to power ballads...

A film that makes you cry? It is a struggle to find one that doesn't but Goodnight Mr Tom, The Notebook, Stepmom, Saving Private Ryan, One Day and Crazy Stupid Love are some notables 

Best London gem? Rosie's Cafe, Indoor Market, Brixton 

First memory? Being told that my little brother was due to be born on my 5th birthday and then he was!

What is Doctor Care Anywhere? Want peace of mind of a doctor on hand whether you’re at work, home or on holiday? Going to the doctor isn't fun. What if you didn't have to go anywhere? Now, you don’t have to. With Doctor Care Anywhere, it's really that simple. Doctor Care Anywhere is an innovative, private, virtual GP service enabling you to speak to a UK GP from wherever you are at a time that suits you via secure online video technology. We provide quality healthcare that works around you. Doctors can diagnose, treat, prescribe and even refer onto a specialist - all over secure video or phone. If your doctor felt a prescription was needed, the medication can be couriered to you!

Doctor Care Anywhere membership provides you and your family unlimited access to specially selected UK GPs, via high-quality video on your browser, our iPhone and iPad apps. Surgery hours are 8am-10pm, 7 days a week.  

Are all the doctors on your books qualified and registered?  
All Doctor Care Anywhere GPs are UK trained, General Medical Council (GMC) registered and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) qualified. They have a minimum of 6 years post qualification experience and are externally appraised within the NHS. Our doctors are all peer selected and specially trained in telemedicine video consultation. They undergo regular review of the clinical care they provide, including patient feedback. 

How much does the service cost?
Membership subscription starts at £12 per month for a single for unlimited consultations, the price decreases as the number of members increases, for example, monthly membership subscription for a family of 4 costs £36 per month. We would be delighted though for Lentil and the Mint readers to take advantage of a 20% discount on all membership subscription prices. Simply enter the voucher code LENTILMINT in the Apply code box at payment stage.

Will my health insurance cover it? Not usually as health insurance tends to cover secondary care (specialist service) and not GPs (primary care services). If you have health insurance then you will usually require a GP referral to a specialist though and our referrals are accepted by all private medical insurers. 

Is the service all over the UK and abroad? You can use our service from anywhere in the world (except for USA and Canada, though you will be able to use it from there too from October 2015)

Where do I sign up?  You can either sign up via our website and or download our iPad or iPhone app from the Apple store for free and then sign up via those.

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