Monday, 7 April 2014


Last week was a toughy. Rupert was in London working and so I had the boys on my own - I know lots of mums (and dad's) have their kids on their own most of the time and all I can say is wow, you're amazing. I am afraid I am very spoilt as Ru is here most nights in time for bath and he is very hands on with the relentless broken nights so when he jumps ship for the Big Smoke I turn into a feral human. By the end of the week I was a greasy haired, grouchy monster. This explains why the pics from this week are a little thin on the ground - not enough hands to snap with. We then all headed up to London for Great Grannys 100th birthday. What a legend - Peggy saw 2 world wars, the 1st man on the moon, the introduction of television.... amazing. It was a lovely party followed by another party for me which was also lovely but less tea and scones, more champagne and hula skirts - my friend Sophie's big hen do. Now settling back into rountine home life and juggling various house buying and selling hiccups - goodness me what a nightmare that is........
Maurice magic

Congratulations Peggy

corn on the cob glare

he just grows so fast this one
from garden......

to plate in under 5 mins (smug much?!)
Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - enthralled.....

my new lunch obsession - tomato soup caprese.... yum.

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  1. Lovely shots as always. Love the one of the boys sitting together sharing a telly moment. I have 2 boys of a simular age and treasure such quiet, agreeable moments ;)

    I know what you mean about turning into a feral monster without husbands help. My husband has recently taken on full time study, as well as his usual musician commitments of a weekend so less time for helping out.... big Mummy monster here as result. I guess I'll adjust?

    Have a good week!