Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I cannot believe it is Tuesday. I have no idea why but time is definitely on fast forward at the moment...... last week we kicked about at home, ate some yummy food, saw friends.......mmmmmmmm .... it was a good one but is now a bit of a blur...... anyhooooooo here are some snapshots.

Bracket and Lenny. Buds.

move Mum - I cant see Noddy...

Ru very proud of these tulips

lunch of the day. Avocado and lime on sourdough with fried egg and lashings of salt and pepper.

sunny chaps and me

Big Boy pants. Big step.

whatch'u lookin' at?

checking progress


cleanliness is close to....

Lenny insisted Mo was the superhero. MELT.

welcome home swallows

Lenny's tomatoes he planted

1 comment:

  1. Kicking about home is the best!

    Love your little superhero! Gorgeous... and those little boy undies running down the hall. Brings back memories... x