Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Highs and lows, highs and lows.... the never ending ebb and flow of life..... Last week saw a lot of highs - visits to the park, a day at Hestercombe, a weekend at Granny and Grandpas and the annual Easter Egg Hunt, the consumption of enough chocolate to sink a battle ship.... Then there were the lows - a 2 year old who refuses to leave your side for more than 1 minute, a 2 year old who when told no or your cut his toast into the wromg shapes has a massive meltdown, a 2 year old who if you dare to say Good Morning to glares at you with slit eyes and grunts and a 2 year old who, POINT BLANK refuses to sleep beyond 5am. I am pulling my hair out....!! On the other hand I have a smiley, happy, giggly, easy going Maurice Mint..... taking sides? me?!

(Also slightly annoyed these pics make Lenny look like an angel - must try a lot harder to show more reality....!!)


nice light


oh look mummy I found one that makes you shrink....


one day he will catch a bee and regret it....

My Mint. Cheesed Off.

happiness is a swing and some sun

no mum, I dont have an egg in my hamster cheek honest...

pop up books. amaze.


did you know all swans belong to the queen..... dont they?!

good place to throw sticks

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