Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Rainy Daysssssssssssss

At 11am this morning it was dark. Dark, wet, blowy and yuck. I hate days like this - quite apart from all the lights having to be on and the bitter draught whipping through every window I have 5 hours of indoor childcare to fill before my self inflicted TV curfew of 4pm. At 4pm The Little Mermaid is going on and we shall get under the blanket with tea (I don't always stick to this curfew it has to be said!!) We decided to make paper plate snakes. You need: paper plates, scissors, string and any arts and crafts stuff you have knocking around. Cut the plate into a long coil, settle the child at the table armed with glue/ paint/ glitter and see the mess unfold. Stick on some goggly eyes and a tongue (we used a pipe cleaner) and hang up with some string. Lenny loved it and it used up all of 15 minutes of the 5 hours I had/have - if you have a child with a longer concentration span then lucky you!

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