Monday, 9 December 2013

Sunday Snapshots......

Last weeks was a goodun. I didn't get my camera back from the repair shop until Friday so last weeks shots only span a day or two as we went to my folks house to drop the boys off with them for the weekend so we could head up to the Big Smoke for a party to celebrate my 35th birthday this week (eeeek). It was fantastic as we really really needed a blow out after a year of pregnancy, a toddler and a newborn which, of course amazing in most ways, also really takes its toll. Sometimes you just NEED a cocktail or 9 and dancing on tables! Thank you to Granny and Grandpa for making it possible - are you free every weekend?! I have a bad track record with losing/ breaking stuff after a few sherbets so left my camera at home but just picture tacos, tequila and passing out fully dressed and you'll get the idea! 

the bandstand

he's getting so cheeky

Annie dog

hitching a lift



hiding in the bushes - obsessed with hide and seek

that face

funny face

Disney time

a really good walker considering he is 2 



slip sliding away

3am shadows

enjoy a very rare solo bath

Quite the battle for the police to deal with at the garage

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