Monday, 30 December 2013

Xmas Snapshots....

There are not very many pics of this Christmas which is a bit disappointing but the fact is we were without power, hot water or heating for the whole 6 days! The storm on the 23rd cut off the power and that was that so the extra level of organisation needed left little time for snapping. We were at my mum and dad's in Hampshire which thank goodness has a generator that could power the kitchen and provide lighting and keep the AGA on so we managed to cook most of the Christmas lunch. We substituted the turkey for beef which takes much less time and uncle Jim fired up the barbie for pigs in blankets and it was, I can honestly say, delicious! Luckily my dad also has a cellar full of wine and a cabinet full of Laphroaig so the cockles were constantly warmed! At teatime everyone grabbed torches and candles, put on that 4th spare jumper and tucked hot water bottles in beds - it was like living in a Dickens novel (well, minus the typhoid and with battery powered light!) and was actually quite fun for a few days - by day 6 the novelty was wearing off! However, we will never ever forget this year and did have a wonderful time - thank you so much Granny and Grandpa.
Cousin Archie defeated by the dragon

the turkey substitution meant we came home with a 20lb turkey...... for 2.5 of us!!!!! Turkey curry anyone?!

Uncle Jim

Mo Bot doesnt mind the dark



This was the best present. Thank you so much godfather Will - he refused to take it off all holiday!

Miss Chalk the Teachers Daughter

warm at the pub

candlelit Xmas eve dinner

Father Christmas has been!

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