Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Snapshots.....

I am pooped. The lead up to Christmas seems to have been non stop. I took the boys to see Father Christmas at Longleat this week with our friends Alice and Indigo. It was totally awesome. I have never been before. I did slightly gawp at the £31 entry fee however for what you see it really is worth it. We drove through the safari amongst tigers, lions, rhino, zebra, elephant - the list goes on - and as Lenny is completely obsessed with animals but never seen any of these apart from in books or on the TV he was totally bowled over. A boy in heaven. I could not believe how close you get the big cats and other potentially lethal creatures! Make sure you put the child locks on the windows and doors!!!! We then took a magical train ride through a winter wonderland to see the reindeer and the big guy himself which was fantastic but I forgot the babybjorn and you cannot take buggies so had my hands VERY full with 2 kids and all our stuff so sadly did not get any pictures - that would have tipped me over the edge! Anyway, if you want a family activity I highly recommend Longleat - take a picnic and make a day of it. The rest of the week was spent at various Christmas parties, eating mince pies, wrapping presents, trying to get a grip on the washing before we leave for the holidays, taking some walks and cooking pancakes. We also made a cheeky early start on some of the boys presents - I know this is a bit naughty but this way we get to open some at home and they get spread out a bit. Thank you so much to all the godparents and Gran and Grandpa - what a spoilt brood we have! Have a fabulous Christmas everyone.

over the shoulder terror

have you ever actually seen an anteater - they are WEIRD!!

JOY - thank you godfather Tops

Lenny's cardboard box train - all aboard!


pretty big tree


so pretty

Lenny LOVES elephants and totally fell in love with Anne - she is recovering at Longleat from abuse elsewhere poor thing


ladies relaxing

learning the art of pancake making

yikes one metre away!

loves Thomas and mega blocks - winner thanks Godmother Anna!



new friends ted and frog - thanks Godfather Dom!

Chilling in my mega new shoes (I want some of these!) - thank you Gran and Grandpa

where are you going to little brown mouse? come and have tea in my treetop house....

the master

just a porcupine hanging with his meerkat buds

rhino. amazing

rip rip rip

WOW! Lucky boy - thank you Gran and Grandpa

a wolf in sheeps clothing

nearly busted picking that nose


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