Wednesday, 28 May 2014

No cook picky lunch

In our family, immediate and wider, a platter of bits and bobs plucked from the fridge and presented as lunch is called 'picky'. Choose your own combination and eat in any order. It is a favourite of all ages particularly frazzled mums who are constantly wondering whether they can really present their children with yet another cheese sandwich at midday (me?! No......) We use compartmentalised plastic plates (rather like those used in prisons?!) which Lenny loves as he can legitimately eat the yoghurt raisons first.... true, I am lucky to have very greedy boys who will always return for the ham and cucumber but it may be worth a go even for the fussy eaters - who knows, remove some rules and see if they take to eating falafel on their own? OK, if not, cheese sarnie it is.

Here are some no-cook (aside from boiling the odd egg or toasting a pitta) options for your picky.....

Fig rolls, tomatoes, turkey, orange, cheese scone/ falafel, yoghurt with honey and apricots, yellow pepper, plums, hard boiled egg/ tuna sweetcorn mayonnaise, toast, dried apricots, raspberries, edam/ babybel, cucumber, water biscuits, ham, apple slices

corn on the cob, strawberries, pitta, carrots, homous/ cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes, grapes, red leicester, fruit pot/ prawn cocktail/ avocado/ blueberries/ bread sticks/ petit filous/ cream cheese crackers, asparagus, sweet chinese chicken pieces, peach

raisons, babycorn, mozarella balls, melon, quiche/ eggy bread, red pepper, kiwi, mango, cheese straws/ red grapes, banana, green pepper, pizza, yoghurt coated raisons/ ritz biscuits, watermelon, pear, cherries, sausage rolls

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  1. I was just pondering my lack of inspiration for my 2 year olds meals. This has given me some great ideas .. Thank you!