Monday, 12 May 2014


Some weeks feel more like survival than living. A lovely anniversary steak frites cooked by the hus and very welcome and fun visits from Uncle Mark and Godfather Dom punctuated my general weary mood. No real reason why - some coughing virus has got hold of the boys meaning distributing Tixylix at least twice and night so I'm tired. I know I should go to the gym and regenerate some energy but, quite frankly, I dont have the energy...... but this week is quieter and there are rumours afloat of some sun so feeling much perkier and ready to take the world on! Enough Moaning Myrtle.

Broom Broom

Bluebell wood. Pretty Pretty Pretty.

Daddy adoration

always running

Godfather Dom


hold my calls

pensive Maurice

ahhhh thats better

are you close enough?!

aaaaaaaa... tchooooo

all that running.....

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