Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Four day weeks are awesome. The long weekend made time for lots of activities. I had a rare day to myself (thanks Ru) which allowed me to head down to Exeter for a girly supper party, a coffee on my own,  lunch with an old friend, clothes shopping where I actually got to try on some jeans and I listened to Radio 4 in the car instead of Old Macdonald! I know, pathetic, but it really felt like a treat! Ru played in a local cricket match while we sunbathed and ate cream tea on the boundary, we went to beach for some kite flying and crab hunting and we still had time for some slug out on the sofa at home. Why can't we have a Bank Holiday every week?!

broom broom

mini shark?

crab hunting

these legs were made for dancin'

Dunster Beach

the famille


3mins 45 secs. Not a moment less, not a moment more.

Still looking for crabs..... at least Ru enjoyed the kite flying!


listening to the sea



good old English summer

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