Thursday, 29 May 2014


Half Term always has me in a right old muddle. Old routines are forgotten so chaos can roam plus Rupert is at home for 2 weeks between jobs so it's like one long fun weekend..... Well, if you include traipsing around endless 'homeware' shops searching out taps, tiles, paint and flooring as fun?! The highlight of which was Lenny weeing all over the floor of Topps Tiles when we were shown the 9th type of slate - eeek. I should also point out that we could well be counting rather a lot of chickens as we have yet to exchange on this house! Here are some recent snapshots from this week and last.....

caged beast
has anyone noticed the dragon on the lawn?

odd socks. Why do neither of my children have a set?!

Bear hunt.

When Lenny turns stylist


child labour

through the square window......


super strong dinosaur

brothers breaking bread

blondes do have more fun

sculpting a carrot

beautiful face


  1. gorgeous pictures, love the dragon!

  2. thanks Bootique! Beautiful
    Indi XX

  3. I love the self styling - very cute!