Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hic...cup...... the cocktails that have my mouth watering this party season.

At the moment me and the boys are tucked up on the sofa watching 101 Dalmations. It is the house of Snot. Just when I was smuggly thinking we had escaped the latest batch of illness striking down those around us we are hit head on...... however, this has not dulled my Christmas party spirit (no pun intended!) and I have been devising a list of Christmas treats I must stock up on over the next few weeks.... panatone, turkish delight, bendicks bitter mints being just a few but shining on top of the list are these scrummy looking cocktails - well, come on, if you can't indulge at Christmas when can you?!

(Pics - taken from Pinterest)

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  1. My dear Louise, thanks a lot for sharing such nice recipes of cocktails that surely did have my mouth watering. Please keep sharing more recipes.