Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whats for tea?

About 2 years ago Ru swore if I presented one more salmon fillet for supper he would divorce me. As tempting as this was I had to concede my suppers had become rather predictable to say the least! So, taking myself in hand I ran up a list of meals that I could cook easily, quickly and would not break the bank. The list is still pinned on the door of our kitchen cupboard ready to be consulted every Sunday when I plan the week's food. I have just read that back and I do realise how amazingly dull and mummyish it sounds but it does work! Varied meals equals happy customers and smiles all round. Plus if you have ideas to hand then shopping is so much easier and you will have more time to pour that wine and relax while the chicken's in the oven. I would not call myself an expert chef by any stretch of the imagination but I would like to think I am a pretty decent 'home' cook hence my list is less sashimi and cerviche and more spag bol and chicken pie. However, if you need some inspiration here it is....

*These photos are not taken by me (alas) but sourced from Pinterest

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