Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday's Snapshots

It's been a wet week. Rain, rain and more rain so much of it has been spent playing indoors and explaining why we cannot go to the park in sheeting downpours. Such explanations are totally lost on a 2 year old so in the end I bought him some waterproof Muddy Puddles trousers - now, I just need some too! We are all knackered tonight after several play dates, a dinner party on Saturday and friends for lunch today - a very social week for us! Next week I think we shall take it easy.

Who can roar the loudest?


Hilarious. Lenny acting out the Marching Elephants from Disney's Jungle Book and singing along...."hup 2,3,4 keep it up 2,3,4"

This Mint is patience itself. He is constantly being man handled.


Happy chap

So grown up all of a sudden!

This weeks favourites. Thanks for the Duplo Anna!



Before the chaos.

and count to 10...... just sorted all the bl**dy washing and turned my back and Lenny has destroyed it again.

Tea Party


Sofa Slug.


Silly Daddy

the favourite puddle in the garden


Just checking perspective

Daddy's nail bar. Ever since I cut the tip of Lennys finger with the clippers when he was 10 days old this job has been Ru's.




This guy.

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