Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday Snapshots..... oh, again on a Monday.....

Behind AGAIN this week. With everything. I just cannot seem to get my act together! Plan to dive into washing/ filing/ store cupboard shopping/ thank you letter writing and general life management this week. I know, rock and freakin' roll! Anyhoo.... I didnt take a lot of pictures last week. I am not sure why really thats just the way it went but we had fun knocking about in the leaves at home, playing in the park and walking off extreme hangovers on the Quantocks on Sunday (bad parenting?!)

tummy time that resulted in a pee drenched sheepskin!

obsessed by slides


serious frog riding

higher, higher

its raining leaves




large shoes to fill

no, I'm not tired mummy

new form of hide and seek


march on

merry go round fun with Indigo

party time

clearing the head

very serious

wild ponies

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