Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Store Cupboard Activity

This is an activity is designed to hone in on those fine motor skills and concentration and teach about colour mixing. All you need is water, food colouring and some kitchen utensils. So yay its free! (if you already have food colouring) The original idea was to use a pipette to transfer the coloured water between bowls or into a seperate clean bowl (we used a pipette from some ear drops but any pharmacy will have one for pennies) The colours marble together nicely and the pipette ensures only a small amount gets transferred at a time. Well, this is the theory anyway. In our house the pipette was too fiddly for Lenny and he lacked the patience required so we changed tack and used any plastic spoons we had and a syringe from the Calpol box. A large turkey baster would be perfect but alas we do not have one. He really enjoyed this for a while..... that was until he discovered it was quicker and WAY more messy to simply pour water from bowl to bowl and all over my lovely unpolished wood table. Hey ho you win some, you lose some. This transferring activity would be perfect for either someone slightly older, more patient or less fond of making mess!

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