Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year!

This holiday seems to have gone on for ages and ages. Christmas is the only holiday we take at home - minimum hassle with no travel abroad and lots of long lunches, walks and general hanging out as a family at home. It has been really lovely. However, I am now ready to return to normal! This may sounds weird but I am a creature of habit and love a routine and schedule and I think Lenny and Maurice do to - so come Monday it's all about settling into 2014 and starting as we mean to go on. I know a resolution post is predictable to say the least but I want to do one for my own benefit really so I can look back in March and see where I have veered off track! So these are they:

1. Set realistic goals that are achievable. I seem to be falling short of quite a few markers I had previously set for myself. This may sound lazy but I blame a lack of time. I know people say you can make time but at the end of the day my kids come first and everything else has to fit in after them. So I'm going to be realistic. I am not going to be able to write a blog post everyday or go to the gym for 3 hours 4 times a week or read the whole of Dickens. It's is just not possible so I will do the best I can and be happy I have achieved at all!

2. Live a healthier lifestyle. Cut down on the wine, spend a few more minutes on the treadmill and give new foods a try. I often poo poo diets. The words 'gluten free' 'dairy free' 'sugar free' fill me with horror - but maybe I am being short sighted. Perhaps I will give almond milk a try or replace my brownie with a date and apricot bar and see how I get on. However given my resolution 1. I will allow myself the odd hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. C'mon! A gals gotta live!

3. Simplify. This house is bursting at the seams with clothes/ toys/ shoes/ handbags/ garden tools - you name it we probably have it and it HAS to go. Like many others I am sure, our bank balance is looking decidedly skinny - in truth, skeletal - so ebay it is. I am going to make some pennies and simplify in one fell swoop. Win, win.

4. Remember that we are in charge of our own lives. I love my life. I know it sounds rather boastful and un British to say this but I do. However, every now and then I get far too hung up on what other people are doing, where they are going, how they are doing things and most importantly what they think of what/ where/ how I am living. I need to remember to back myself and try not to self doubt too much. I am trying to create a happy home - I am sure I am screwing a million things up - but I am trying.

(Pic: film still from The Edge of Love)

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