Thursday, 22 August 2013

A touch of green.....

Much of the week in our house is spent hoeing, weeding, pruning and watering plants in the garden. I say 'we' but in fact I have nadda to do with it. The truth is, I kill any living greenery that crosses my path. I either horribly neglect them or water them with such enthusiasm they would likely survive in the sahara. Nothing I have ever been left in charge of survives so when Rupert goes to London on regular business trips he tells me to leave well alone and not touch his beloved green friends. This is going to change. I am taking on a house plant mission - I mean, how hard can it be?!??! We currently don't have any but I have been browsing pinterest for inspiration and will be asking for some new plant pals of my own for my birthday - this is not until December so in the meantime think I shall get in some sly practice…… any advice for this human plant poison? I need some hardy starters and any advice most welcome….

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