Saturday, 24 August 2013

Things that happened today.....

-Broke my sewing machine needle skipping corners on some denim - doh!
-Confirmed my view that David Sedaris is indeed the funniest orator alive - he's on Radio 4 at the moment but if you have not heard him definitely invest in a disc for the car - side splitting…
-Was astounded by the price of pecans.
-Made a promise to read more.
-Broke that promise by turning on the TV.
-Was annoyed that the summer had gone and I hadn't had a mini milk yet.
-Made 4 cups of The Earl (Earl Grey in this house is called The Earl) that all went cold.
-Kissed Lenny every 15 minutes.
-Lost my temper with Lenny's refusal to lie still on the changing table and shouted very loudly, "look, who is the boss of this house?" in an overwrought voice proving I am indeed my mother.
-Smelt Olbus Oil and was immediately transported back to school.
-Noticed Maurice always stops crying of you play Elvis - good boy.
-Burnt some sausages and nearly burst into tears - slightly irrational?!
-Decided to dye my hair brown after the hormones of the newborn have settled down a bit - a new era deserves new hair and surely I will look just like Liv Tyler right?!

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