Saturday, 17 August 2013

Toddler Grub

I love cooking. However, I find cooking for my toddler a tough business. When that lovingly made spring vegetable lasagne is  glanced at, sniffed and then chucked to the floor my heart drops and my soul is ever so slightly more destroyed.  It isn't even that Lenny is that fussy he just has no rhyme nor reason to his sporadic like and dislike of foods - one day he will clamp his mouth shut at the mere mention of broccoli and the next eat the green super food with relish. This being that case I made a vow to make healthy, varied meals using lots of fresh ingredients BUT none would take more than 15 minutes to prepare. Some have been more successful than others but if you, like me, rack your scrambled brain for meal ideas here's a helping hand:

butternut squash soup, soldiers, grapes and cheese / hummus, pitta bread dippers, broccoli, boiled egg, blueberries / heart eggy bread and ham, strawberry jelly with blueberries / cheese and leek sausage, sweet potato mash with peas, banana
avocado, mozzarella and tomato salad, raspberry jelly with fresh raspberries / avocado and cream cheese wrap, satsuma / pasta with roasted vegetables and cream cheese, blueberries / red pepper and courgette frittata, cucumber, watermelon

cod fishcake, green beans, apple and raspberry compote / chicken breast nuggets, cous cous with sundered tomato paste and carrots, apple slices / chicken fried rice with edamame, broccoli and plum sauce, stewed apple with raisons / prawn cocktail, avocado, blueberries, grapes

cheesy polenta fingers with tomato dipping sauce (Hugh F-W) and fruit salad / chicken with hoisin sauce, noodles, sugarsnap peas, pear slices / salmon with red pesto, cous cous, green beans, rice pudding and jam / hot dog, corn on the cob melon and strawberries 
moroccan veggie burger with roasted tomatoes, butterscotch angel delight and banana / cauliflower cheese and mango slices / tortollini with tomato and courgettes sauce, kiwi, yoghurt / pasta with pesto and peas, yoghurt and cherries

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