Sunday, 4 August 2013

Book Worm

Books play a big role in my toddler entertainment. This is not supposed to sound smug in an "I'm raising very intelligent, well - read children" kind of a way - it is far more selfish than that. I love children's illustration - who doesn't?

More often than not Lenny's rather predictable choice of the brightly coloured, crudely drawn board book featuring diggers, tractors or cars get palmed off in favour of those I find more visually appealing! While I do concede to the odd 'broooom brooooom' book he also endures many whose pages offer something a touch more subtle, pretty and elegant. Some have been big hits but, like most things,some he rejects immediately, raising his eyes to the heavens while I stroke their pretty pages........

Here are a few for your Amazon wish lists:
AUGUSTUS AND HIS SMILE by Catherine Raynor - a beautiful tale of a tiger's hunt for his lost smile.

THE OPPOSITE by Tom MacRae and illustrated by Elena Odriozola - a quirky story about a boys fight against the opposite happening. Brilliant!

WOLVES by Emily Gravett - a funny story about a rabbits trip to a library.

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