Thursday, 15 August 2013

Maurice Samuel Haines. 8th August 2013

About 2 months ago I decided to give blogging a go - I had been uploading all my photos for family and friends most of whom are far away from us onto Facebook so they could see how Lenny was growing and what we were up to in the West Country - the blog was just an extension of this. However, I have been known to have hair brained ideas and never see their fruition due to either lack of time or inclination however the blog got me really excited and this time I had a deadline!

We were expecting our 2nd son on August 31st so I would have everything set up, running smoothly and a few posts in the bag by then. This was not meant to be as the excited chap arrived nearly 4 weeks early - hence he is being introduced now!

In such a hurry to join the world Maurice Samuel Haines arrived on 8th August weighing 6 lb 1oz - he is truly beautiful (not biased at all!) - we are so excited to have him join our clan and really feel very lucky. Forgive the showing off but look how cute he is…….

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