Friday, 6 September 2013

A simple Friday fun hour.... (well, 15 minutes!)

This is a very simple shape sorting exercise that takes 5 minutes to prepare and kept Lenny entertained for 15 - I cat get him to concentrate on anything for longer than that though so all in all a success! However, more often that not he doesn't get them right, gets frustrated and stuffs the shapes in any old envelope - oh well, we shall keep at it!  I am really feeling very Fridayish today - I am more than a little weary and very ready for the weekend! I sincerely hope to get some shut eye with the hus around to take the smalls but we also have lots of fun planned as it is our local town carnival weekend so bring on the cider in the sun (fingers crossed), jumping on bouncy castles and parade of adorned wheelbarrows...... Somerset at it's finest!

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