Monday, 16 September 2013

Kiddy Chaos

"In my day we never had any of these toys. We were happy with a stick, a cardboard box and our imaginations……."

This is a phrase ringing around the houses of many I am sure - my grandparents grandparents grandparents said it to their grandchildren and their grandparents grandparents grandparents grandparents said it to their grandchildren….. Lenny and Maurice will NEVER be able to say this… EVER!

Don't get me wrong I am totally pro imaginative play and creating toys and games using free objects but there comes a time when a tub of Duplo or a box of cars comes in very handy indeed….. when the 8th load of washing needs hanging up or the fish fingers need turning etc… 

However, my finely thought out open plan sitting room is looking like a franchise of Toys R Us - not the look I was going for! So this week I am pining over some cool new toy storage to restore some order and style….. here are some beauties…..

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