Sunday, 8 September 2013

Snapshots..... the week flew by.....


home time for tired boys

Fruits and Veg of our labours

Obligatory festival dog show

Children choo choo

Pistachio and rose cake

quick the suns out!


Sunday morning wander

ooooo a nice cuppa.....I am sure it we used to be far more in to the cider tent?!

Milverton mini-fest



the joy of the pop-up book!

incredible but slightly creepy owl at Donniford Farm

The Wiveliscombe Carnival - this is a parade of adorned wheel barrows..... amazing! DJ with his bouncer dad I didnt get a picture of.....

The Sound of Music

Yellow Submarine

Big Noise indeed

These guys.....

A rather good local folk band..... what were they called anyone?

At last big enough for the BabyBjorn


Sunday rack of lamb.... thanks mum..... is it sad I still get food parcels from her?! We really look forward to them!!

Block Playing

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