Sunday, 22 September 2013

Snapshots - a Sunday roundup.....

Its been a week of ups and downs. On the one hand lovely sluggy home days spent playing, a seaside adventure, Lenny's Godfather visiting and the other horrid colds, temper tantrums and a weekend of NO sleep from the boys and by proxy, us. Still, I have just awoken from a 2 hour nap and feel right back on top - thank you so much Ru this present was better than any chocolates, flowers and well frankly I don't think diamonds are as precious..... Here are the weeks snapshots.....


Maurice looking learned

love these two.


Boots for sale


best thing about nursery? His bag - wears it all the time!

yet more ice cream

high maintenance much?!

High 5 bro!

These guys.....

Hitching a lift

Beach yoga - perfecting his downward dog



This boy can spend literally hours at this table playing with cars and animals

Pete D

Nursery 1st day - there were tears from all.....

Straight from the lexus advertising shoot to one with our Lenny!

Look of Love


Jungle shot

Master at work - check out his shots here

Waxing godpops board

Beautiful tree jigsaw I couldnt resist even though it will be years until either of my boys will be able to do this! Too pretty to miss though - its from an awesome website that sells beautiful montessori games here

bathtime tickles

Sunday pub cheese bored - now we're talking!


A charity shop find plonked down while I find a spot for it - hasn't taken Lenny long to perfect his bored school boy look!

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