Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Boxes of fun

Our postman and I are very well acquainted….. get outta here - not like that (he is 65, moustacheod and called Colin!). Daily I am faced with that wry smile and same joke about how my husband must be bankrupt, or how I am single handedly keeping Amazon on the FTSE 100 as he hands over armfuls of parcels. I know this sounds very materialistic and more than a little gross but it is not as bad as all that. We live in the middle of nowhere - well, not quite but there are only a sprinkling of local shops and to be honest very few of those you are likely to frequent so the internet is my shopping life line - from clothes to baby formula, toys to coffee it all gets delivered care of Colin. If this sounds familiar I am sure you too have a pile of boxes waiting for that Sunday trip to the tip that invariably gets put off in favour of the pub so it just keeps growing. Lenny is thrilled. This week we have made trains, cars, Humpty's wall, towers… the options are limitless. It was really fun but would have been even better with a few more boxes so watch out Colin you're not done just yet…..

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