Sunday, 1 September 2013

SNAPSHOTS - snippets of our week.....

Cute botty

Beach boys

Catching up on the markets with the FT, woodland wanderer, Lenny and Duck, last of the sunflowers

Taking his time

Bathtime Bubbles

Bakewell tart makes everyone this happy

Feeding the ducks... oh, and having a little chat too

Stags Rutting

Lenny wins!

Daddy love

I look so post pregnant fat in this picture I seriously contemplated leaving it out but hey ho, I am who I am and the boys look so sweeet!


Is this the last paddle of the summer?

Old trusty friends.

Blue flower we forgot we had planted, swim swim, I'm a big brother now, caprese

love this face

honk honk

hand full.

2 of the great thinkers

zzzzzzz....... again! Forgotten how much newborns sleep..... in the day! Shame not so much at night.....

wakey wakey!

Instow beach

Taking blackberries out of the box faster than I can put them in!

Sometimes you just need a chicken pie hug


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