Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Leaf Bugs

This is a cute little craft project for kiddies. You just need to find a window in the never ending rain to go outside to collect as many different shaped and coloured leaves as you can and then stick 'em down and think up some creatures to turn them into. In reality it was a little to grown up for Lenny (who is 2 and a half). He loved choosing and collecting the leaves and adored the glueing; but then the perennial glue problem arose -he wants to stick anything in sight to the paper, his hair, his hands, his brother and then when I say no a complete meltdown. So after that is was a solo craft project for a 35 year old mum! This said, if you have older children I think they would love it.....

the reality


  1. Nice work Lenny/mummy. My faves are the last two. Will defo do this tomorrow. xx

  2. fanks Rach - so looking forward to seeing you and Bea in a couple of weeks XX