Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sundays Snapshots

This week has been goodun. We have seen new lambs born onto the farm, baked extremely sugary cakes, done 101 activities with Amazon packaging, been to a pirate party (although Lenny refused point blank to wear his costume so no pics - booo), got slightly merry at a very fun dinner party, had a cold and blustery picnic at the coast and for Maurice, an epic week that saw the introduction of real food. He is now planning on entering The World baby Food Eating competition 2015 - he began training with spag bol tonight and I think he has a shot at the title.....

me and the boys

the amazon express

cheers! the sun is out!

one scoop in the muffin tray and one in my mouth

cakes baked for Lenny's friend Dorothy

Maurice learning the art of sprinkles

could I look more grumpy?!

the ONLY good thing about the ridiculous amount of packaging Amazon use

new addition - Ru has named him Mint Sauce

the big match

my Mo Bot


the rainbow tunnel

the only good thing about this weather - I see at least one rainbow a day

we have found you old friend! Welcome back

toast monster

the greatest charity find - coat for £1.99, cherubic Victorian boy bloggers own

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