Sunday, 23 February 2014


This week has been a bit whirlwind. Half term meant our usual routine went out the window and we filled our days road tripping. We went to see the boats in Topsham, the seaside in Exmouth, the pub in Exmouth as the seafront was a bit too blowy (?!), a stately home and the zoo. We had a visit from old friends moving to Devon, Maurice has had a tummy bug (when, oh when will illness leave us alone?!) and Lenny ate enough chocolate and haribo to sink a battleship at a birthday party. Early nights all round here and looking forward to return of normality - is it only me who loves a routine?!

transporting cabbage harvest
uh oh. wait for it.....

sugar HIGH

the best way to start Sunday - eggs, chorizo, tomatoes, avocado, coriander, sour cream, sweet chilli and lime


the biggest box of cereal in the world- gotta love online food shopping
Lenny loves to try and make the Mo bot laugh!

Daddy the hero

hide and seek

like father like son

winter lettuces



birthday parties - exhausting!!

Topsham boats 
current obsession Toy Story

smiley chops

wait for me

hot choccy and custard creams in the woods

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