Monday, 10 February 2014


Last week felt like a year. A very yo yo-ing year at that. On the one hand we had a lovely time - pints out with friends mid week (usually unheard of!), a trip for dinner to the Cotswolds for a gossip, Sunday lunch and sun in Dorset and on the other a horrible hospital visit for my poor little Mint. Both boys have had some viral cough/ cold thing but Maurice has been struggling to catch his breath. Poor boy has been very wheezy resulting in one night at Musgrove Hospital children's ward. They were fabulous and looked after him a treat and he... well.... I am truly not exaggerating never even moaned let alone cried - just smiles and kicking to his own beat. That boy is astounding (and yes, I am biased). Anyhoo we are all home now and feeling a little exhausted by it all so this week is all about pasta n sauce and sofa time.....

cool tree

Brave Mint

amazing mobiles by flensted


great morning light on Lenny's bed

The Mo Bot catching Lenny up....


Lenny's answer to "SIT DOWN in the bath" - dancing and smiling..... impossible to be cross.

our ducks like 50/50 Kingsmill 
bathtime. Lenny is just too sweet with his brother.

foxy gates

oh no, it's Hovis Best of Both

only great thing about sick kids..... amazing old Disney films. 
having a love affair with mint - putting it in everything

walking with lovely Alice, Angus, Indigo and Sonny - we look like an Out n About buggy convention 
hello blue sky, it's been a while...

just so cheery. all the time.


sunlight. rare.

too much time inside
love to watch him sleep. Goosey always nearby.


  1. You have such a natural and beautiful ability to catch moments and little faces. Just perfection.

    1. Thank you so much Vicki - just looking at your blog.... lovely lovely XX