Thursday, 13 February 2014

Summer Loving

I am sorry to be moaning Myrtle but really I. AM. FED. UP. I have a streaming cold and so much gunk in head I feel like I might explode and this weather is really getting me down. I am usually an eternal optimist but even I am failing to see the light at the end of this rainy tunnel. The blog has had crickets singing on it lately as I am so lacking in energy and inspiration. True, many many people have it MUCH worse - this flooding is terrible and I am so sorry if you find yourself in that boat.... oh dear, an unintentional and highly inappropriate pun. Forgive me, if we don't laugh we...... Anyway, to try and spark some enthusiasm and inspiration I have hit pinterest and looked at pictures of summer and sunny, happy days and I feel a world cheerier. So here you go...... not long now!

(all pics sourced from Pinterest)

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