Monday, 17 February 2014


Last week was mostly spent at home indoors - quiet time with tea and toys. The rain continues, but we saw a glimpse of sun this weekend at Granny and Grandpa's house - it is amazing how much more jolly and positive you feel with a few rays..... but, it's still light at 5.30pm so we're on the home straight marching towards Spring. Rain, rain go away and dont come back any day we have had enough of you for a lifetime.

my chilled out chum

hoorah blue sky!

GREAT new cookbook

no prettier dog than a whippet

catching a lift

meeting of wills

onion storage


a cracking quiche if I do say so myself - Hugh F-W's little gem lettuce, spring onion and cheese

Annie dog

pretty snow drops

mummy I'm going to get some petrol

the perfect ride on

"and he sailed back over a year, in and out of weeks, and through a day....."

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