Thursday, 13 March 2014

GRRRRR Manly Tights

My boys are boys boys. As much as I have tried to steer Lenny down a gender neutral path he always veers towards the cars, trucks, dinosaurs and when we have a cuddle it always escalates into a rough and tumble. Turns out it is nature not nurture. I am not putting every child into a category this is just my experience with my own children. One day I hope to have a girl - I am dreaming of quiet hair brushing, doll house creation, hair clips and smocked dresses.... Oh OK, I am gender stereo typing, sorry.  But how cute are girls in pretty heart or flower print tights under a dungaree dress?! With boys I miss out on tights.... or so I thought...... Slugs and Snails is an incredible company that makes super cute and very manly tights specifically for boys (of course girls can wear them too - why can girls wear boys clothes but not vica versa? Unfair.) Forget lost socks and restricting chinos boys tights are the way forward.