Sunday, 9 March 2014


Well, I am trying to think what we did this week and I cannot get beyond SUN!! At last. Thank goodness the winter is behind us.... bring on the picnics, camping, barbies and pink wine! Lots of pictures this week so sorry for over kill - so full of the joys it's hard to edit!
wild horses 

Calippo and bee spotting

I love a bruschetta bite with a glass of fizz


mans work

Cottlestone Hill

Deemo and Luke - we do love you


insey winsey

1st barbie of the season lamb and rosemary 
pack animals

evening light

sunny line up

always on a mission 
that face

struggling to stop Lenny picking flowers 

pink blush

kings of the castle

Ru got him in training early

listening for the sea in a snail shell


orange is the way we like it

Ru, Lenny and Luke

resting wigwam styley

where is everyone?

clip clop

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  1. These shots are completely and utterly divine! So in love with them... what a beautiful ability you have!